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Classroom Visits / Skype an Archaeologist

What We Offer

Our experts can bring archaeology to your classroom, either in person or via Skype. Video conferencing is particularly simple to organise and well suited to remote locations or inter-state.

Sessions vary between 45-60 minutes and cost $150 AUD per hour. They focus on what it means to be an archaeologist in Australia. We use of teaching collection of replica Aboriginal cultural heritage artefacts to assist in teaching students about Australian archaeology. Ancient History topics (ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome) are also available. We work directly with teachers to arrange for one of our archaeologists to visit your classroom and present on a variety of topics including:

  • Australian prehistory;

  • Case student from Lake Mungo;

  • Teaching with Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu;

  • Issues of museum repatriation;

  • Ethics of human remains;

  • Ancient Egyptian death and burial; and

  • Ancient personalities: Hatshepsut, Akhenaten and Rameses.

Archaeological Themes

  • Stratigraphy, the various dating methods, and deep time.

  • Site prediction: knowing where to dig.

  • Fragmentary nature of archaeological evidence and destructive methodologies.

  • Interpretation: can archaeology ever be objective?

  • Ethics and repatriation: who owns the past?

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance history and science curriculum by uncovering how people lived in the past;

  • Develop critical thinking skills;

  • Encourage students to practice writing skills, collaborative problem solving, and group work;

  • Introduce key archaeological concepts, such as site prediction, stratigraphy, dating, and ethics;

  • Synthesise sources of information on different scales;

  • Illustrate what archaeology can tell us about the lives of ancient people; and

  • Examine the attitudes, beliefs, and customs of people in the past.


For more information, please email:

Dr Serena Love (Principal Research Archaeologist)