Teacher Professional Development

What we offer

Our team of expert archaeologists can offer professional development workshops and lectures, underpinned by real archaeological and cultural experiences. Everick Foundation understands that the new National Curriculum means that many teachers feel unsure about precisely how to implement and teach Indigenous Australian culture and history in their classrooms. Additionally, a real world connection to local Aboriginal stories can help engage students in a more meaningful way. Everick Foundation Principal Research Archaeologist, Dr Serena Love, has delivered many lectures and presentations to school students and the general public on her research interests, which include Aboriginal Australian archaeology, Ancient Egypt, and neolithic/bronze age Turkey.

Areas of expertise

  • Aboriginal material culture and archaeology.

  • Local Aboriginal histories for many areas.

  • Archaeological methods and theories.

  • Development of archaeology as a discipline.

  • The ethics and politics of Australian Archaeology.

  • New technology in archaeology.

  • Various ancient history topics: Egypt, Turkey, etc.

  • Museum theory and the ethics of curation.

  • Legal framework of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Types of Professional Development

Everick Foundation is in the process of developing a series of professional development lectures and workshops to provide teachers with and understanding real world archaeology and how they can best implement it in their classrooms. The planned workshops will include:

  • Events held locally in Brisbane.

  • Online lectures, webinars, and Twitter conferences to engage directly with teachers across Australia.

  • Workshops with hands-on elements involving e.g. replica archaeological reference collections and simulated excavation experiences.

  • Youtube videos that can also be shared in class and used as teaching content in schools.

  • Events delivered in remote locations, as our archaeologists travel throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidence to teach complex themes and narratives in Aboriginal archaeology and history.

  • Insight into the profession of archaeology, particularly in Australia.

  • Engagement of students with a more tangible side to Aboriginal history in Australia.

  • Teaching resources, including further reading, key publications, and activity suggestions.


For more information please contact:

Dr Serena Love (Principal Research Archaeologist) at

Dr Love will be able to provide you with further details regarding our events and activities, register your interest, and will be able to answer any queries you have regarding booking a PD session and/or requesting a topic.

We look forward to working with you and your school!